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Macondo Dance Connect

(Scroll down for German version) The Macondo Dance Connect project was a mixed reality performance project created in collaboration with Cabula 6, ZoomLab/Kidz Connect and the dance organization Tanzquartier Wien and involved bringing kids together from the Macondo refugee community using dance, mapping, storytelling and the virtual world Second Life. The objective of the Macondo […]


A Kidz Connect project connecting youth refugee communities in Vienna and Berlin is in the works. The program, initiated by Cabula 6 and the dance organization Tanzquartier Wien, will involve bringing kids together from Berlin and the Macondo community on the outskirts of Vienna. The teens will meet via videoconferencing to create a dance theater performance […]

The Island

Kidz Connect is excited to participate in the upcoming Henry Hudson 400 Festival, which will celebrate the 400-year-old bond between the Dutch and Americans that started with Henry Hudson’s discovery of New York in 1609. There will be a series of events in both New York and Amsterdam in August and September 2009. Kidz Connect will […]


So, here we are! 3 days ’til our Tampa show time! In the morning, we’ll be part of Amsterdam’s show– funny we’re having two separate (yet connected) shows. BUT! That’s how these things go- dealing with our distinct cultural situations, and making it work in our own unique way! Now, THAT’S brilliant collaboration! (If we […]